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Undewater Adventure

The Black sea offers excellent conditions for the practicing of scuba diving: warm climate and unique underwater sites (caves and gorges, wrecked ships and remains of ancient towns). The Black Sea Diving Center has prepared the following diving sites and has provided for your reliable equipment and transportation:

The Black Sea Diving Center crew is well known as one of the friendlest, most spirited in the area. We do everything possible to ensure you have a fun, satisfying, informative anfternoon. Please feel free to ask if there’s anything our staff can do to make your dive ever more enjoyable.

Hot Offer: Shabla Cape

From 99 Leva*

At 85km north from Varna. Dives down to 7-25m offer sites of wrecked vessels and sailing ships.

Best Price: Galata Cape

From 89 Leva*

Diving down to 22-27 m to the wreck of Russian submarine of the Pike type sunken during WWII. This is one of the disappeared submarines, which never returned to their base in Sevastopol.

The Black Sea Diving Center organizes diving at other spots by client’s choice, including accommodation in hotel or camping, lunch and dinners and guided tour around the sites.