Scuba Diving Center

Discover Black sea underwater

Welcome to Black Sea Diving Center

Black Sea underwater panoramas are amazing (awesome) with beautiful fishes in difference of color and size, including local fish, the Dog Shark, Jellyfish, Sea Horseand, The Black Bottlenose Dolphin and Turbots. Black Sea Diving site is unique from wall and wreck and a lot of sunken ships. All of our dive site available by carefully selected based on through study and survey by the expert.

Discover a new world! Enjoy the freedom of gliding through the blue! Experience new adventures and explore undiscovered worlds. Make new friends! Diving is much easier than you might thing! Be ready to enjoy a new challenge and dive into a new world!

Snorkeling for beginners or experts.

If you have never snorkeled, worry not. Our knowledgeable staff offers beginning snorkel instructions, and you will soon be enjoying the sights at your own pace and comfort level. We have prescription masks and a host of flotation toys available to make your snorkel experience easy and enjoyable. If you are a certified diver, you can SCUBA dive with us at additional charge. For those who wish to learn SCUBA, Black Sea Diving Center instructors offer instruction for the novice diver.

Becoming a Diver

Becoming an CMAS Open Water Diver is the best way to start your scuba adventure! We make sure you are truly comfortable with the skills and the equipment. Getting started is easy! Sign up for an Open Water course or get started with the Scuba Diver Program. By using CMAS or NAUI Training you can learn at your own pace and conveniance. For more information regarding Open Water Diver training options contact us.

Once you have completed training you will be a certified CMAS or NAUI Diver. CMAS and NAUI certification are recognized world wide so your diving experiences will be limitless. The fun doesn’t need to stop here! Check out all of the exciting specialty programs you can get involved in. It’s your chance to move to the next level in your diving adventures. NAUI will be a reliable buddy accompanying you on your way.